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7-Mar-2009santhosh nathan, trichy

I received the holy spirit from God.

1-Mar-2009wilfred, musiri
The TRUTH has set me FREE.Glory to JESUS CHRIST

Sunil GRACE convention caused me to Know The Word Of God. The TRUTH has set me Free. I got Knowledge about What is Sin and the Ways to reconcile back to Lord Jesus Christ(by Confession).Before this my search was meaningless. But now i knew the way to get closer to my God Jesus christ.AVE MARIA

5-Jan-2009Sunil, Kerala
I Experienced the love of my Lord Jesus

I Was in great distress, when i entered my college life.My only brother had a paralytic attack and was totally unconscious.Doctors had no way to cure my brother`s illness but i came to know about Grace and attented it. there i came to know about the LOVE of my lord Jesus christ and experienced it. I asked My GOD my father to cure my brother`s illness.Jesus christ set my brother free from that illness. Glory to our only living GOD JESUS CHRIST.

10-Feb-2008Amirtha Selvam, Rameshwaram
God Jesus Saved Me

In my life I did not know what is peace and happy. But when i was in Grace 2000 I know about lord jesus, and he changed my life entirely. It is the gretest mircale in my life. He touched me and I saw him. Before this meeting i lived like a pig. After this meeting i am trying to walk the ways of the Lord Jesus

12-Feb-2007J. Nelson Raja, Madurai
He save me from an error

Dear friends

I am prabhu from trichy.i am studying in a college.i have attended a grace retreat at st.josephs college.from that onwards i am leading a good life with my friends and  with our god.even though i am not good in my prayerlife god has showered his grace up on me tramentously.

in this year when i was preparing for my semester test,i was afried of my test so i made some bit for the test.that is my last exam for that year.usuallt when i go to the test i go to the church and pray in front of the eucharist.on that day after i compleated my prayer automatically i was insisted by the holyspirit that i am doing wrong and i erase that thing what i have writern already.after that really i enjoy a happines in my heart.if suppose i was caught by the professors while i was having that defenetly i would have lose my now i praise our lord for his great save of my life.prayer defenetly brings victory i have enjoyed this now i make a call to you also.

Thank you
with love in christ
your brother

29-Apr-2006i.prabhu, trichy
Took me from the dust.

Praise the Lord.   
              I will give you a new heart and a new mind. I will take away your stubborn heart of stone and give you an obedient heart. I will put my spirit in you and I will see to it that you follow my laws and keep all the commands I have given you. Ezekiel 36:26,27
                The Lord has made it true in me. It is not I who want to live but i want Christ to live in me. He has craved me in the palm of his hand... My really feeling towards HIM can not be expressed in human words... In simple words

8-Mar-2006Peter, Pondicherry
hail mary

I did not know anything about god`s love and his commandments. I was thinking that this world can give me everything . i was going behind false gods and lust of  world but my lord jesus christ by his abundand grace revealed his love for me by reminding me of his passion on the cross. like the prodigal son i will rise and go back to my father and i belive  no one can ever separate me from the love  of god that is given through jesus christ.  Amen

19-Feb-2006Arockia Adaikalaraj, trichy
praise the lord

I was longing for true love in this world. I went behind the fantansies and lust of the world like watching ponograghy but i had no peace of mind. I was wandering like a hopeless man but jesus christ my lord god intervened my life and changed my life.

now i am living by the grace of god and belive in the eternal life that my  jesus christ had promised  me to take to  

19-Feb-2006 joelri michael raj, trichy
Our Lord Changed my life

Stephen DossOur Lord Changed my life

24-Jan-2004Stephen Doss, Chennai
Praise the Lord Jesus

All through the 3 days I enjoyed in the presence of God. From this convention I was releived from the pain in my soul and also from my physical pain. I was completely relived from my problems and I recived the sprit of God. Now I feel very happy.

5-Dec-2002V. Charles Durai, SJC , Trichy-2


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