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Team Organization

Grace team consists of spirit filled students of the college. They are from different segments of the same college. They reside in the College hostels namely Sacred Heart Hostel, New Hostel and Bellarmine Hostel. The dayscholars also represent the team. The team members are energetic, prayerful and eager to serve God. They give prior importance to lead a sinless, pure and dedicated life. This team gather together on every Thursday with their Campus Minister, staff advisors and pray together for the campus revival and forgiveness of sins.

Team Planning

Every year the campus minister initiates the team planning during the month of September. In a Thursday prayer cell meeting, the Co-ordinator and other ministry in charges are elected. For each ministry, three members are added to form a team. After the Co-orinator and ministry in charges are elected they will meet Fr.Rector, Principal, Secretary, and Hostel Directors and solicit their blessings. In the following Thursday prayer cell meeting, the theme for the GRACE conference will be selected. The Co-ordinator and Campus minister will delegate the works for the ministries. In the next meeting the Co-ordinator will discuss with each ministry in charge about the works delegated. Every Sunday the team members will gather in the college chapel to pray (Fasting prayer) for the success of the program.


The different ministries are:

  1. Intersession Ministry
  2. Liturgy Ministry
  3. Music Ministry
  4. Registration Ministry
  5. Finance Ministry
  6. Food & Accommodation Ministry
  7. Decoration Ministry
  8. Executives

Intersession Ministry

This Ministry continuously intercedes for the success of the program through conducting fasting prayer, sending prayer request to different ministers asking to pray for the success of the program. Different intentions are listed and for each intention special prayer is done. Rosaries are conduced daily for the success of the program.

Liturgy Ministry

This ministry makes arrangements for the Holy Mass, confession and prepares bible questions for Quiz Competition. On making arrangements for the Holy Mass, they decide and give invitation to the chief celebrant of the Holy mass, and other priest who is to be celebranted during this programme. An important session of the whole grace is the confession session, where they make the students to repend and ask forgiveness, to the Lord through the priests. Arrangement of priests for confession is done by this ministry. To give importance to the word of God, bible Quiz is conducted. About 50 Questions are taken from any four books or more from the New Testament and are given to the participants, one for each college the prizes are given for the best and correct answers.

Finance Ministry

One of the most important ministry that supports the whole program. A program could not be conducted without sufficient financial support. This need is fulfilled by our finance ministry. To conduct this program successfully we need an amount of Rs. 1 lakh. To say a truth, the ministry members involved are young, chambing, energetic youths who go all around Tamil Nadu collecting money in the form of donations without expecting anything in return, accepting all the difficulties, just for the sake of the Lord, were they go to collect the money. All their works have been successful only by the grace of our Lord. Without our Lord nothing is possible is said by this ministry members, feeling the support of our Lord were ever they go.


Food & Accommodation Ministry

To make the participants to be with our Lord without any difficulty and tired, good food and accommodation is necessary. They provide good and delicious food for all the three days for the participants form the college canteen asking the participants to pay a very little amount. Accommodation is provided for boys at St. Joseph’s College and for girls at Holy Cross College, Trichy. All needed arrangements for their stay are made good satisfying them.

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